Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nate the Great!


Apologies for the lack of updates, I've been crazy busy with storyboards/job hunting.

I figured I would post some more stuff from my concept design class. I decided to try and put together an animation, something a little less serious to take my mind off of all the intense design work.

I settled on a kid (Nate...the same Nate from my Pantomime comic) who finds a portal to another planet in his closet. Unfortunately, the planets inhabitants have been wiped out by robots, so it's up to him to battle the evil Gammatron and save the last fragments of the alien civilization.

Nate was a fun character to design, just a really shy and imaginative kid. It was great to imagine how he would react to different aspects of his new environment.

This is one of the gadget designs I did. Essentially everything on Theria (the planet) is powered by little crystal spheres. Nate is the first kid to come to the planet to be able to activate these spheres, so he gets to use them in all sorts of cool gadgets, like Rayguns!

Overall it was a great project and I'm thinking about continuing it now that I don't have much on my plate. I have a bunch more work from the past quarter that I'll post up periodically as well.

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Yukiko Adachi said...

In the sketches, I like that one pose where Nate looks surprised or something and his hair is also flipping out. I think this kind of animated body parts can really add to the characters... would love to see more.