Monday, July 6, 2009

Amulet 2 Interview

Newsarama just posted an interview with Kazu about Amulet 2, and he gave me and Anthony a nice little name drop!

We recently got a couple of the final hard/softcover books in the office, and they are absolutely beautiful. I gave the book another read through in full color, and it is absolutely fantastic. I am overjoyed to have been a part of such an incredible piece of work.

The interview is pretty great, so give it a read, and look for Amulet 2 on September 1st!


So I decided to start doing some practice paintings to work on lighting, color, and all that good stuff. I took a bunch of screencaps from films and I'm devoting a couple hours every now and then to straight practice.

Anyhow, these are probably going to be pretty boring, but I figured I'd post them anyway.

Here's number one!