Friday, February 1, 2008

more Tank!

So today was a painting day.

I had to do a paintover of one of my initial concepts in order to match the current color scheme we have going for enemies in level 1. Instead of redrawing, etc. I just painted over the current 3D model we have, which made the process go much more quickly. I think overall it was pretty successful:

I also started work on the monkeys that will be prevalent in level 2. They're going to be a swarm enemy, meaning you will see 8-10 of them on screen at once and you can just mow them down. With this in mind I figured we could use a couple different textures to give them some variety.

This weekend I'm also working on the cover for the Pantomime anthology for the Sequential Art department. Here's the initial sketch:

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Yukiko Adachi said...

Love the cover. I guess the one suggestion is (if you have time to change it) change the arms of the monster thing, esp on the right side of his body --- all 3 are basically bent the same way, almost parallel to each other. It'll prob be more dynamic if you vary that up somehow... Perhaps refer to some Hindu deities.